Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Weekend And Other Happenings....

I grab my bags and head out to spend my weekend with Dorrell. Let me tell you.....the drive up I-35 was HORRIBLE! I have never been heading north on that freeway during rush hour much less on a Friday. I didn't get to UNT in Denton until after 6:00. I seriously thought I was never going to get out of Lewisville and was contemplating just pulling over and pitching a tent on the grassy knoll I came across next to this God-forsaken stretch of concrete.

But I digress....as soon as I passed UNT I was able to pick up speed to about 75 and off to the Great State of Oklahoma! I've never been there before so I can't say too much about it. Dorrell calls me and tells me that my name is on the room and to ask for a key at the front desk. Then he say's that he cannot wait to see me when he gets out of rehearsal. TEE HEE!!

I get into OKC a little after 8:30 and I noticed something....the people there drive SOOOOOO slow. The speed limit says 60 and they actually go 60. I was going bonkers. Anyhoo I get to the hotel with a pounding headache and head upstairs to take some Aleve. Dorrell calls me a little after 9:00 and says he'll be there shortly. Well I'm not going anywhere because it's friggin' 30 degrees WITH wind outside so I decide to watch some TV until he gets there. That didn't go over too well because the time was passing by so slow.

Finally he gets there and I get the biggest hug (and kiss!) ever!!! It felt so good and I was extremely happy to see him (as was he to see me.)

Well the weekend was beyond great. It felt wonderful to see him and we both hated having to depart until February. But a funny thing happened.....for the first time I didn't feel sad leaving him. I felt happy this time. Usually I get all knotted up inside and cry for a week, but not this time. I dropped him off at the airport on Sunday night and was kinda shocked that he kissed me outside of the car. I usually am against PDA but I didn't care. I left and drove home to Dallas feeling blissful.

I couldn't explain to myself why I was feeling this way when EVERY other time I felt the exact opposite. I asked Alex why he thought this was and he gave me an explanation that was as clear as the nose on my face: I wasn't sad because he has told me that wants to settle down with me and I know my future is with him.

After Alex said this I quickly ran through the chain of events over the past month in my head and I realized that Alex was right. I couldn't believe that of all things this was something I couldn't explain to myself. I'm usually very good at recognizing and explaining why I'm feeling a certain way to myself, but it took someone else to point out the very obvious.

So there you have it.....I'm still feeling happy even today. I've known for a very long time that Dorrell is the one that I was going to end up with. It was just a matter of when this was going to happen and our lives beginning to intersect. Now that he's almost done with his NYC gig the gas pedal is being pressed down, we're starting to take off.

But I will say this....I've realized that finding that one person who makes you feel every positive feeling in the world is very important. Everyone will eventually run into that one person that they know they want to be with forever. And I'm gonig to do whatever I have to do on my part to make this happen....


At 6:47 AM, Blogger CR said...

I am so happy for you...my eyes are getting teary. I know how much you like Dorrell and I have seen the way he looks at you to know he loves you too. You kids make a wonderful couple.

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Kelly C. said...

That was sooooo cute...

At 10:28 AM, Blogger Chico said...

KELLY!!! I love my Kelly!!


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