Monday, December 12, 2005

To The Moon Alice!

Ever been on the phone with a customer service agent and you just wanted to reach through the phone and choke them?? I really seriously honestly think that in order to be a CSA for Bally's you have to be rude. And I don't mean sassy....I mean all out rude!

Apparently when I lost my bank card at the end of October I neglected to update Bally's with the new one that was issued. It seems that they had called my house 3 times (actually it was an automated voice message) but since I never answer the home phone I didn't pick it up. Well the other day I noticed that the light was blinking 10 times so I figured I'd hit play and let it clear. That's when I heard the automated message from Bally's.

I knew immediately what the call was about because I was thinking "Why are they saying it's urgent that I contact them??" Then I realized that I must not have given them the updated card number. So I called on my way back to work. The guy (I won't even call him a gentlemen because he wasn't!) didn't even ask why I was calling and how he could be of service. He immediately started into the whole "Your account is going to collections blah blah blah..." so I cut him off. I told him to hold up and give me a freaking minute to explain. So I did.....that my card was lost and a new one was issued and to go ahead and charge the amount that was due. Then he said I needed to pay for January as it's only December! I told him no way and to just charge the amount I said. Then he proceeded to try to upsell me! The nerve! As if I were in any mood after he ripped me to buy anything else.

I politely declined and told him that I didn't appreciate the tone he had. And if he had been just a wee bit nicer perhaps I'd consider such an upgrade....but he blew it!

I just don't get people who are in general rude but are in customer service.

Seriously, if I wasn't the happy go-lucky, bright eyed and bushy tailed person I am I would never have considered sales!


At 7:08 AM, Blogger CR said...

You are having issues with them again? I say it is time you change your gym.


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