Monday, November 07, 2005

The Parentals Approach.

I went to my blog earlier today and noticed I haven't been saying much of anything. Sometimes I just don't feel like writing so I tend to neglect it. But I have a few moments before heading home from work so I thought I'd write something!

My parents were in town this weekend (in fact they aren't leaving until Tuesday) for a surprise visit for my sister's 47th birthday. I can't believe I have a sister who is almost 50. I remember being younger and we would visit my mom's family. I would think how weird it would be to have a sister or brother that old! Now here I am with one who is. Scary!!

The realization of my parents age was firmly cemented as well. I drove back out on Saturday afternoon and was just hanging out talking and my dad mentioned that he forgot his toothbrush. He asked me to take him to the store so we headed out. We get there and I pick up a small basket because we had to get some other items. I'm walking along just talking when I realized that my dad wasn't with me. Confused, I looked back and there he was....many steps behind me. "Slow down I can't walk as fast as I used to!" is what he said. It made me kinda sad. I hate seeing my parents get older. Granted I know that it's going to happen but I want them to be with me for a long while.

In all it was a good visit. My sister was very huggy with me and I got to see pictures of my niece in her uniform (she's in the Air Force). I can't believe how good she looks. I was very proud to see her like that and I also found out she's going to be in Turkey for 2 years! How cool is that! She's beyond excited to be going and will be taking her 2 kids with her. I think it's awesome that she is doing this and is giving her children an opportunity to be around other cultures and learn new things. I'm so jealous I want to be one of her kids too!!!

OH!! Also found out today I get to see Dorrell the first weekend in December! I'm doing a happy dance now. :-)


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