Friday, October 07, 2005

The Weekend In Advance.....

Another cold front came through last night and it's a slightly cool 50 degrees outside right now and kinda rainy. I've decided I'm not doing jack shit this weekend other than keeping my ass at home. Perhaps this has to do with me having a cold....but that's never stopped me before! I just partied way too hard last weekend and I think I paid for it all week. :-(

Last night I actually cooked....yes you heard me right. I made green chili enchiladas and refried beans. They came out ok but I don't think I put enough chili in them. It was either that or my cold kept me from really tasting them. I didn't get to eat any beans though because I forgot to turn the stove off and they all dried up.

I'm supposed to be doing dinner and a movie at home with Keithen but we'll see how that goes. Next weekend is going to be fun. Get your party shoes ready Sergio!!!


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