Monday, September 26, 2005

You're !@#$%&? Kidding Me, Right?

So this weekend was.....well it was completely uneventful. I still was feeling kinda funky on Friday night so I kept myself drugged up. Saturday morning I took Sergio to the airport then came home and cleaned like a mad person. That made me feel better!

I called Cesar about going out to dinner, some shopping, then out afterwards but he had to be I called Keithen. Well that was a complete waste of time! He said he was hungover from the night before (at 5:30 in the evening??) and said he would call me back after he got himself together in a few. I said ok and hung up the phone. I then immdiately began to cook dinner because I wasn't about to wait for him. AND he never called back.

Ate dinner in my clean clean clean apartment and was just watching some tv. I was watching "Jumanji" (yeah so fun!) when I thought I heard something around 11:00. I ignored it until I heard it again and realized someone was knocking at my of someone rapping, rapping at my chamber door. "Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door-only this, and nothing more."

Anyhoo I got up to look out the peep hole and saw it was the woman who lives below me. I recognized her from the few occassions I accidentally got off on the wrong floor and tried to walk into her apartment. OOPSIE!!! I opened and she said she had a toddler who was trying to sleep and that my bass was a bit too loud. I told her I didn't have the bass on at all and just my tv (the volume of which you could barely hear out in the hall). Then she said maybe it was the tv and I said I don't think it was me at all. THEN she asked if I would mind turning off my television early 11:00. I couldn't believe what she just asked me.

So I told her that while I sympathize and feel sorry for her for having a child, I too live here and pay rent and am not about to turn off my tv. Furthermore I've lived here for almost a year and there have been plenty of times where I've actually had the stereo system on at full bass during the week late at night and not once have I had a complaint. I proceeded to tell her that perhaps it was the individuals who live below her who tend to have parties from time to time (I've seen them from their balcony) or someone who lives next door to her. She had this look of surprise on her face but what did she expect?? For me to say "Ok not a problem!"

So she left and I went back to my Jumanji. Then it hit me....she's the moron with the baby! The crying baby! The baby that has kept me up some nights with crying causing me to be tired all day at work. I've told Sergio about said baby but he swears he hears nothing. So the next time this baby starts crying and keeps me up I'm marching right down to her apartment to introduce myself as the person who lives above her. I'm going to ask her to turn off her baby because there is an adult upstairs who is trying to get some sleep!


At 6:31 AM, Blogger KB said...

This is very funny! Why do idiots seem to never get it? I think you should do just that! March down to here apartment next time and bitch at her. Except this time you'll be in the right, unlike her when she came to your door! You should have told her to listen to your tv to give her some proof. I hate stupid people.


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