Monday, September 19, 2005

Enough With The Religion!

I knew it was going to enevitable. Eventually there was going to be someone on the news who would feel compelled to say that Katrina happened as a punishment from God and we MUST turn from our sinful ways.

Um....let's see......the Gulf Coast always has and always will be vulnerable to hurricanes. This isn't the first time that a hurricane has devastated New Orleans and it probably won't be the last either. It's also a matter of time before the same thing happens to Miami. I don't take these as a sign from God. Now if it hit the coast of California THEN maybe I would. Because how many hurricanes have hit Cali??

It's going to be these same people saying the same thing when the "big one" finally hits California. It has nothing to do with a punishment from God. It has to do with certain areas being vulnerable to certain natural disasters be it earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

Why is it that some folks find a way to input a religious meaning into EVERYTHING???


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