Wednesday, September 28, 2005

She's Hot Hot Hot.

Ok by now anyone who reads my postings is fully aware of how much I love my Diva, Mariah Carey. But I must say.....when I thought she couldn't be any hotter with this supposed "comeback" (because in my mind she was never really gone...just not as prominent) out of nowhere comes a new song that is not on her current album. AOL debuted it and it's called "Don't Forget About Us" and this song is SMOKIN'. Apparently she's re-releasing Mimi in November with new tracks, remixes and videos which is perfect for the holiday shopping season.

She's on top right now with "Shake It Off" and has much more in store but apparently wanted to release this new song even though it didn't make the final cut of the album. If you get a chance click on my Mariah Daily link and take a listen. You'll be hooked!

Monday, September 26, 2005

You're !@#$%&? Kidding Me, Right?

So this weekend was.....well it was completely uneventful. I still was feeling kinda funky on Friday night so I kept myself drugged up. Saturday morning I took Sergio to the airport then came home and cleaned like a mad person. That made me feel better!

I called Cesar about going out to dinner, some shopping, then out afterwards but he had to be I called Keithen. Well that was a complete waste of time! He said he was hungover from the night before (at 5:30 in the evening??) and said he would call me back after he got himself together in a few. I said ok and hung up the phone. I then immdiately began to cook dinner because I wasn't about to wait for him. AND he never called back.

Ate dinner in my clean clean clean apartment and was just watching some tv. I was watching "Jumanji" (yeah so fun!) when I thought I heard something around 11:00. I ignored it until I heard it again and realized someone was knocking at my of someone rapping, rapping at my chamber door. "Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door-only this, and nothing more."

Anyhoo I got up to look out the peep hole and saw it was the woman who lives below me. I recognized her from the few occassions I accidentally got off on the wrong floor and tried to walk into her apartment. OOPSIE!!! I opened and she said she had a toddler who was trying to sleep and that my bass was a bit too loud. I told her I didn't have the bass on at all and just my tv (the volume of which you could barely hear out in the hall). Then she said maybe it was the tv and I said I don't think it was me at all. THEN she asked if I would mind turning off my television early 11:00. I couldn't believe what she just asked me.

So I told her that while I sympathize and feel sorry for her for having a child, I too live here and pay rent and am not about to turn off my tv. Furthermore I've lived here for almost a year and there have been plenty of times where I've actually had the stereo system on at full bass during the week late at night and not once have I had a complaint. I proceeded to tell her that perhaps it was the individuals who live below her who tend to have parties from time to time (I've seen them from their balcony) or someone who lives next door to her. She had this look of surprise on her face but what did she expect?? For me to say "Ok not a problem!"

So she left and I went back to my Jumanji. Then it hit me....she's the moron with the baby! The crying baby! The baby that has kept me up some nights with crying causing me to be tired all day at work. I've told Sergio about said baby but he swears he hears nothing. So the next time this baby starts crying and keeps me up I'm marching right down to her apartment to introduce myself as the person who lives above her. I'm going to ask her to turn off her baby because there is an adult upstairs who is trying to get some sleep!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

This Just In......

......Tyra Bank's breasts ARE real!

Ok so I needed something to make me laugh. This was actually on the website. I can sleep soundly now knowing that her boobies are 100% au-natural.

I needed something to laugh about because I was yet again pissed off this morning with Lamont. See I did this huge favor for him....a favor of which I'm not going to disclose because I don't want any smacks in the back of my head. In fact only one person who reads this blog knows what it is!!!

But I digress.....he continually messes up on his end of the deal. Instead of keeping me in the loop on the entire situation he doesn't tell me anything and then I get a surprise phone call which ends up pissing me off.

He doesn't seem to understand WHY I get so upset. I mean let me know and I'll be understanding. But if you continue to not let me know and I have to find out through a phone call at work (which ends up ruining my entire day) then I get really pissed.

I look so forward to the day when this favor I did comes to an end. And trust me I'll never do such favors for ANYONE ever again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

*Cough Cough Sniffle Sniffle*

I got sick. I hate getting sick. Plus I know who I caught it from and something told me that I should have stayed away from them. GRRR!!!!

Plus I've been having some really crazy dreams this week. In fact I had such a bad one that I actually scared myself awake Monday night. I had a little bit of a fever and kept waking up with these sweating fits. Around 4:00 I woke up from a very bad nightmare with this awful feeling of terror as if someone (or something) was in my room......something was wasn't quite nice. I was so scared that I couldn't open my eyes at all or move. After about 20 minutes I darted out of bed and turned on the lamp next to my bed. I proceeded to close my closet door, open my bedroom door, close the bathroom door, and turn on the light over the stove. I then tried to go back to sleep with both lights on and I kept my bedroom door open. I was seriously close to going into Sergio's room and sleeping.

Last night I slept without any lights but with my closet door closed and my bedroom one open....just in case!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Enough With The Religion!

I knew it was going to enevitable. Eventually there was going to be someone on the news who would feel compelled to say that Katrina happened as a punishment from God and we MUST turn from our sinful ways.

Um....let's see......the Gulf Coast always has and always will be vulnerable to hurricanes. This isn't the first time that a hurricane has devastated New Orleans and it probably won't be the last either. It's also a matter of time before the same thing happens to Miami. I don't take these as a sign from God. Now if it hit the coast of California THEN maybe I would. Because how many hurricanes have hit Cali??

It's going to be these same people saying the same thing when the "big one" finally hits California. It has nothing to do with a punishment from God. It has to do with certain areas being vulnerable to certain natural disasters be it earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

Why is it that some folks find a way to input a religious meaning into EVERYTHING???

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Mind.....Such A Funny Aparatus!

I find it interesting how we can totally psych ourselves out of something. For example I don't fill up my car anymore because as long as I don't see the total dollar amount I'm putting in go any higher than what I was before I feel better about it. I do this even though I put gas in one more time a week than I used to. I'm still paying more overall but it's that psychological notion of the dollar amount I'm seeing at that moment.

Also I haven't been sleeping soundly at night. So this week I decided to sleep the opposite of what I usually do with my head at the foot of my bed. And SHAZAAM!!! I've slept soundly all week long. I'm still in my bed but just knowing I'm positioned differently changes how my mind operates.

Now if only this could work on the whole being single thing.....

Friday, September 02, 2005

I Think I'll Get A Bicycle.

On 8/8 I wrote an entry about gas being $2.45 a gallon. Today I found it to be $3.19 a gallon. How freaking crazy is that!!!