Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm Going Back To Cali....To Cali.....To Cali....

Hopefully people will understand where I got the title for this posting. If you're clueless just say so and an explanation will be provided.

Ok....I'm back in Dallas doing the same 'ol same 'ol after a rather lenghty trip to L.A. and San Francisco. Being there for 10 days made me want to NOT come back to Texas. I realized how uptight and conservative Texas is even though this state has 3 of the nations 10 biggest cities. People in California just seem to be a bit more relaxed and accepting. I encountered every ethnicity I could think of and it was so cool to just be able to hear all these different languages around me. Do we have that here in Texas? Nope!

The weather there is wonderful. My skin has never felt better and my hair was so manageable! It sucked getting off the plane at D/FW and just feeling the heat hit me. UGH!

I've had a number of people ask me a number of times to move to California and I always turned down the offer. Now I'm going to make it a priority!


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