Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cheese Makes Everything Better!

Just a quick note to Cesar:

We should go out more often? If we did that we would never get to work!!! tee hee!

I've realized that I have the biggest collection of cheese on my computer. I was skimming through all my MP3's on my computer recently and I've noticed a rather large quantity of music that I would only listen to in my car with my window's up: A Teens, Steps, Lindsay Lohan, Da Buzz, a whole lotta Britney Spears (although her I admit to), Bosson, Hilary Duff, and others. With the exception of Ms. Spears (or rather Mrs. Kevin "I'm a big unemployed white trash loser" Federline), Hilary and her arch nemesis Lindsay, most are probably wondering "Who the hell are these groups??" To answer this question I suggest you take a quick listen to Radio Disney. Yup you read it right.....RADIO DISNEY.

Now that you are done laughing at me, you may return to your regularly scheduled program.


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