Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another Gay 'Ol Time.

Well on Friday I talked to my sales manager and gave him my notice. He was completely cool with it and asked me to come back on Monday to talk to HR and make that my final day. So everything went fine!!

I left early that day because Cesar and I were heading out to Austin again that afternoon. Traffic was really bad and it took us almost 4 hours to get there. We stayed with Lamont's sister Vicci and had a good weekend. Sleep was a little on the light side but that was ok. On Sunday we went to the March on Austin and I'd never gone to one before. I was amazed at how supportive the residents of Austin are. There were only 2 protesters and they were at the gate to the capitol. We left for home around 5:30 that evening.

On Monday I talked to Derrick in HR and we finalized my termination papers. He said I was rehireable and if I wanted to come back I could. He even said he would change my leave date so I can get paid for the whole month instead of the 2 weeks. How cool was that!!!

So now I've been off all this week and it's been nice. I went to the GLBT Chamber of Commerce dinner last night and I was surprised at the turnout. There were quite a number of people and Cesar and I left that around 9:00. I came straight home, changed and headed out to Crews Inn with Sergio.

Anyhoo things are pretty relaxed right now. I'm going out of town (again) on Friday with Fernando and I'm trying to convince Cesar to go with us or at least meet us. We'll see if I can persuade him.


At 8:10 AM, Blogger KB said...

Hey Chico! I haven't read your blog in a while, so I was pretty surprised to hear your going back to your old job. I hope that it's better this time around, and your not as bored with it. :o)

Good luck!

At 5:15 PM, Blogger ivan said...

hey chico rico. uh, we kinda havent spoken in a while. i apologize for what happened last time. i think i was very drunk and what eventually happened wasnt appropriate. im very embarassed. i wanted to apologize to you and the rest of the group at the holiday inn. i thought i would be able to go through with it without any problems, but the whole anonymous thing wasnt working out. i thought the alcohol would help, but all it did was embarass me! omg. ill never answer ads like that again. and i wont let you either!!

kidding-seriously, i told you, clear channel is the devil! remember?! im glad youre out of there. they, along with walmart, will be the end of the nation. everything else good?


At 7:10 PM, Blogger Chico said...

IVAN! Haven't heard from you in ages!! Everything else is good. LIfe is busy busy busy but I have no complaints.

You, Cesar, and I need to do something soon. And not at a Holiday Inn.....nothing less than a Hilton! :-)


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