Saturday, December 04, 2004

There's No Place Like Home! There's No Place Like Home!

Ok......I know that it's been a quite a while since I last posted, but things have been very busy. Tuesday Nov. 23 was my last day at the Voice and I left that evening to Roswell for Thanksgiving. I don't have internet access there so I couldn't post, check email, or anything else.

In a nutshell Thanksgiving was good. My mom had one of her famous breakdowns Thanksgiving morning because she had the turkey in the oven under 200 degrees and didn't realize it until about 11:30 that morning. It had been cooking for God knows how long at that temperature! And since we always eat around noon or 1:00 she was in a tizzy. I had to console her and tell her it was fine because everything else was done....ham and all the trimmings. Oh, and my sister Tessa brought 7 freakin' pies because she couldn't decide which kind to bring.

The weather heading out there sucked. I ended up leaving Dallas at exactly 5:00 pm on Tuesday and I didn't make it into the west end of Ft. Worth until almost 6:30. Then I had to deal with the massive rains and I didn't get into Roswell until midnight (1:00 am here). Luckily I gain an hour going there. The weather sucked there too. The wind blew the entire week and nights were insanely cold. The trip back wasn't any better. When I got up this past Monday, it was 30 degrees and there were snow flurries. The wind was still there and was at least 30 mph unti I got to Brownfield. I didn't get into Ft. Worth until 5:00 (just in time for rush hour!!) because I lost an hour coming home. In all, it was a good trip. No drama, no arguements, no nothing!!

I also started my first day at Clear Channel on Wednesday. These past 3 days, my brain has been overloaded with info. I feel like I'm cramming for a final! There is so much damn information. I know that in time I'll get it all down, but it's just so much!

AND Sergio did something that embarrassed me. Apparently last Sunday he went out to JR's and ran into a friend of his. He was introduced to this guy who said his name was Derek. During the conversation he told Sergio he was the HR Director for Clear Channel and Sergio said, " just hired my roommate!" Derek, of course, knew who he was talking about and Sergio proceeded to blurt out "Yeah...he thinks you have a realy cute butt." When Serge told me this I was mortified because I had to see Derek first thing on Wednesday. I was hoping that he wouldn't remember. Well...I didn't get to finalize paperwork until about 6:00 on Thursday because I was busy. Right in the middle of me signing, Derek mentioned that he ran into a friend of mine. I already knew, but I played like I didn't know. He couldn't remember his name and when he said that he was my roommate, I told him it was Sergio. Derek had this look on his face like he wanted to say something and I was thinking "PLEASE don't say anything!" He kept making small talk and luckily we were interrupted by an IT guy. At that point I said I was tired and was going home.

I mean, I do think he's cute (a little short....but cute) but I'm not good at facing people once they know that I think they are hot or have said something really embarrassing. And the Sales Manager for KISS is a queen and so is the Asst. Controller and one of the AE's for The Edge. So in 3 days I've been introduced to 4 guys, 2 of which are cute!!

Maybe I'll ask Derek out sometime. It wouldn't hurt to ask!


At 8:26 AM, Blogger CR said...

It sounds like you have been busy. This is a new week and I am sure you will do great at your new job. I agree with Anonymous, dating the director of HR is not the best idea but you could always introduce him to your single friends :)

Don't you hate anonymous post? And I am sure it was someone you know b/c you else would sit there and read such a long post? If it isn't anyone you know, they must not have much going on.

When you get a chance send me an email with your new email address.

I am feeling better, this weekend I will be ready to party.

At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, don't date the director. Wouldn't be a wise move.
(listen to your sister)

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

clear channel is the devil. slim jim was let go. he was the cute one at the edge. :( and im too lazy to log in.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger Chico said...

CC is not the devil you silly boy! I do agree about Slim Jim though. But people come and people go. In fact there is a big brew-ha (is that right??) about an initiative that CC is taking that will effect the entire radio industry: reducing the number of commercials per hour and DJ talk and going from :60 commercials to :30. This is to make their stations clutter free with more music and less commercials/chat. Noticed how there is music now playing during Kidd Kraddick in the Morning??


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