Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Abercrombie & Fitch: Racist Or Progressive? You Decide!

Personally I have never liked A&F. My reasoning is that their clothes are way overpriced and really not that great. Plus when you spend 4 years on a college campus with too many people wearing their clothes, everybody starts looking the same.

In today's news, A&F has settled a $40 million race suit and has agreed to pay black, hispanic, and asian employees and job applicants after being accused of promoting whites at the expense of minorities. This really comes to no surprise to me. Spend some time at various A&F stores and you'll see a trend: mainly white employees who look alike, like they came out of a cookie cutter factory and every picture in the store showcasing a white model.

This class-action federal lawsuite requires A&F to adhere to a consent decree that requires them to implement new store policies and programs to promote diversity and prevent discrimination. They must also hire a vice president of diversity and hire up to 25 diversity recruiters. A&F has also promised that its marketing campaigns would reflect diversity.

CEO Mike Jeffries is quoted as saying, "We have, and always have had, no tolerance for discrimination. We decided to settle this suit because we felt that a long, drawn out dispute would have been harmful to the company and distracting to management." I don't buy this. Whenever companies or individuals don't want to own up to their mistakes they decide to take the easy way out and settle instead of clearing their name. If A&F honestly felt that they had absolutely no tolerance for discrimination they would have implemented such strategies a long time ago. It Seems to me that they wouldn't have begun such policies without this lawsuit.

Monday, November 15, 2004

What A Boob!

Every now and again, I like to go to the following website:

This is a website dedicated to celebrities who have had obvious plastic surgery and in some cases, some very bad enhancements. The current celeb on the opening page is the wonderful and highly regarded actress Tara Reid from such Academy worthy films such as the "American Pie" series and "Josie and the Pussycats". In case you don't know, a few weeks ago there were a bunch of tongues wagging because she walked down the red carpet at an event with her entire left boob hanging out of her dress and was completely unaware of it. Talk about a wardrobe malfunction! The folks at were kind enough to post the photos and point out her scars from some really bad implants. Rather embarrassing if you ask me.

On another note, am I the only one tired of all these conservative, Christian groups making a stink about EVERYTHING under the sun? ABC recently was going to run "Saving Private Ryan" in it's entirety without any editing. Of course, these friggin' groups took it upon themselves to raise hell with the FCC and many ABC affiliates chose not to run the movie for fear of being fined for indecency. Who the hell are these bible bangers to decide what the entire country should view? What makes it even more ironic is that this film has run twice before without being cut on network TV. If the people in these groups would spend half the time that they do on these ridiculous crusades helping abused children, or people afflicted with awful diseases, or feeding the homeless our society would be so much better.

Now...can I get an AMEN??

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

.....In A Handbasket!

Boy are we in for another rough 4 years. John Kerry just conceded to George "Dubbya" Bush. There is one bright side to this....for me anyways. I honestly believe that in 2008, Hillary Clinton will throw her hat in. She had already said that she would, but not for the 2004 election. I really really want her to run and I believe that she would win. Not only that but she would be making history for being the first woman elected president!! Can you imagine??

With so many people upset at what a pit this country is currently in (the war in Iraq, the economy, the deficit), one would think that people would reconsider voting for this douche bag. I did notice last night that Kerry swept the west coast, the New England states, and the states in the Great Lakes area. The problem was in the middle and the south. That's where "Dubbya" had his stonghold. And, as no surprise to me, Texas went to him as well with 62% voting for him.

George Bush has made us out to be the most hated country in the world. We now have this image of being nothing but a big ol' bully who will run over any country we see fit to invade. He has run up the LARGEST deficit in the HISTORY of this country, but no one seems to care. More jobs were lost in his first 4 years than in the last 3 presidencies combined. He wants to ammend the constitution to include HIS values. I just really hope that everything comes crashing down around him.