Monday, October 04, 2004

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

It's been raining all morning. I know this because it woke me up around 4 a.m. and I wasn't able to go back to sleep. The radio also said it's supposed to be like this all week through Friday. What is up with that? I had a conversation with Carrie this morning about the screwiness of Texas weather and how it will randomly rain throughout the year. Most other places have rainy seasons, but Texas just has fucked up weather patterns. Where else can it be 110 degrees outside, suddenly rain, and the water be hot! Go figure.

Last night I found a new guilty pleasure on TV. I normally don't watch much network television because everything nowadays is either a reality show or a legal drama. And since the invention of Tivo, I can record it and watch it later while skipping the commercials. But because my beloved "Alias" isn't returning until January on Sunday nights, I decided to watch "Desperate Housewives" which was put in it's timeslot. I think I'm hooked. Now before you start laughing or rolling your eyes, you really should watch it. It's a dark drama/comedy.......a dramedy if you will......about a group of housewives on a fictional street called Wisteria Lane. You have the divorced single mother who hasn't had sex in forever, the corporate executive turned housewife and mother who misses her job, the gold digger who married for money who ends up screwing the lawnboy all over the house, and the anal retentaive stepford wife-ish homemaker who likes everything perfect. They are all friends who come together after a 5th housewife and their friend blows her brains out 10 minues into the show and sticks around as a voiceover, leaving everyone to wonder what drove her to it. Tossed in the mix, you have the neighborhood slut who sleeps with anything with a penis and is breathing (come on....we all know someone like this) and the nosy neighbor who is always in everyone's business. The husbands are really just a byproduct of the show. Slowly you begin to see the secrets these seemingly perfect housewives are hiding. Especially the one who killed herself. At the end of the first show last night, the other 4 find a letter postmarked the day of her death. It was one of those "I know what you did" letters and leaves everyone wondering what happened. There's actually an encore showing of the first show on Saturday I think. Tape it if you must!

It's over the top, overly dramatic at times, and over acted. But hey, aren't most gay men like this anyways? Maybe that's why I liked it so much.


At 9:36 AM, Blogger CR said...

I want to play in the rain!! Do you ever miss those days when you were small and just able to run through the rain not worry about getting sick or getting wet? One of these days when the temperature is 110 and it starts to rain I will go outside and just play in the rain. You should join me.

I thought about watching the show but I just got caught up doing other things. I will try to catch it on Saturday.

At 7:59 AM, Blogger KB said...

You two need to stop bitching and think of how bad you really could have it! Think of all the idiots that choose to live up north. Let's say...hmmm...I don't know...Minnesota. Where the current temperature is 48 degrees and people are saying it's a nice day out. A state where the temperature has dropped below freezing for 3 nights in a row now. (which is bad for my husband) Yesterday it was 41 degrees and I almost said it was nice out too! I must be going crazy.

So you two should stop being whiny little beotches and suck up your piddly little "warm rain" days. Oh wah wah, "It's 100 degrees out and my hair is getting wet." It could be much much worse! You know what would happen if it rained out here right now? It'd be snow or hail! So think of that misters! Just think of that! I have no sympathy for you two.

At 8:26 PM, Blogger CR said...

And speaking of Bitching!!!

At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE the rain! We've been getting quite a bit here in Roswell. All with the lightning and the very loud thunder. My daughter and I like to turn off all the lights, open the door, and put on a scary movie with the sound as loud as we can stand it. With the storm going and the movie going, it's great!



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