Wednesday, September 01, 2004

No More Bush! I was treking to work this morning listening to news radio 1080 AM KRLD as I do every morning and they did a piece on the Republican National Convention. It was said that the average age of an attendee at this convention was 54!! WOW! Then they said that close to 1000 protesters were arrested last night. This is clearly a sign that people are fed up with the current administration. I have just sent in my voter registration and put down myself as a Democrat. Even though I live in a state that is overwhelmingly Republican, I feel that it is my DUTY to vote in November. I urge everyone to do the same. Even if you know that your state is going to go to Bush, STILL VOTE! I think that there are many people who don't vote because they feel it won't make a difference. But let me tell you.....if these large numbers get off their butt on Nov. 3, it will show that in these Republican states there are a large number of Democrats who won't sit by and do nothing. SO DO IT!

I was also telling my dear friend Carrie Marie Torres this story about my frustration with people who talk about things and tend to contradict themselves. I was getting a hair cut a few weeks back (I always go to the same person) and the stylist next to her was cutting this mans hair. As it usually happens, that stylist started making small talk with her client and asked him if he was ready to vote in November. First thought that popped in my head was "Oh Jesus here we go!" He proceeded to say that regardless he ALWAYS votes Republican. WHAT?? I wanted to turn to him and ask him why he is voting straight Republican when in the same breath he's commenting on some of the things that he disagrees with Bush and the Republican party about, especially if they are major things! Then his stylist proceeded to say she does the same thing, commented on how she thought Theresa Heinz-Kerry is a bitch and that after she found out Mrs. Heinz-Kerry is from the Heinz fortune she threw out ALL her Heinz products from her refrigerator. She will NEVER buy another Heinz product again. What the hell? How stupid can you be? But I just held my tongue. There are some topics that just end up getting too heated.

I think next time I'll walk in with a Heinz ketchup bottle and squirt her with it.


At 12:57 PM, Blogger Luciana said...

Hey, after you squirt her with the Heinz ketchup bottle, ask her if she'd like fries with that.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger CR said...

I love Theresa Heinz-Kerry. I am not a big fan of her husband but I do like her, she is refreshing and unapologetic. She does what she wants because she can and she doesn't care what anyone thinks. I also like the fact that she is a STRONG woman and could help improve womans rights if she becomes first lady.

If you need Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers or yard signs let me know.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Tabor said...

First, take your money elsewhere for your haircuts.
Second,do some research on all the work that Theriese Heinze Kerry does to get rid of her money and let people know about that.
Third, people can change their minds when given all the facts.


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