Monday, September 20, 2004

Hold The Pepto Please!

This weekend, Carrie ended up not having to use pepto. She got over her stressed-induced bout of diarrhea. I took her to JR's and I was laughing because she looked like a small town tourist in a big city for the first time. All she kept saying was, "All these guys are gay? What a waste!" I bought her 1 drink and well....that did it!! The funniest part of the night though was when I took her to The Male Boxx. Maybe this wasn't a very good idea because it was sort of like throwing her to the wolves. I warned her that there were dancers at this place. She was cool with that. BUT.....we walked in and started making our way to the other side and she made a u-turn and started heading towards the door. She was laughing so hard. She said she wasn't expecting to see that!!!

What she saw was a dancer in a, shall we say, revealing outfit. It left nothing to the imagnation. After composing herself we made it back to the other side to get a drink and hav ea seat. I was watching her and I caught her looking out of the corner of her eye at this dancer!!! She said, "I can't help it! If anything that big wanted to be used on me I'd have to say no!" We left after 1 drink. Then she confessed that she had no clue what this guy looked like in the face. She ended up just gawking from the waist down.

We did make it an early night though because I knew that it was way past her bedtime. She said she had a very fun time though.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger CR said...

I like taking straight people to gay clubs for the first time. It is always so much fun to see their expressions. Gotta love it.

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Luciana said...

Hey, Cheeks! Is this the same place you took me to that one time? If so, I understand the "what a waste" statement! I had the best time! I wish I could find a straight gay man, if you know what I mean. Next time I'm in town, we'll have to do it again.

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