Sunday, September 05, 2004

And The Award For Best Dramatic Performance Goes To........

Alex gave another Academy Award winning performance this weekend. If you look up the word "hypochondriac" in the dictionary you will find his picture. What took the cake was on Friday. He didn't make it into work until about 1:15 that afternoon. I had gone to see a client and was pulling into the parking garage when I saw him pull in behind me. He got out of his truck clutching a box of tissue in one arm and a carton (not a small bottle, but a whole carton!) of orange juice in the other. I swear you would have thought he was on his death bed. All he had was a little head cold. I looked at him and started to laugh. He asked what I was laughing about and I told him that he was being just a bit dramatic. Then I proceeded up the elevator.

So.....what this led to was his loser boyfriend staying ANOTHER weekend here. Surprisingly, Alex seemed to make a miracalous (spelling?) recovery by the time I got home from work around 5:30 or so. He had actually left to go back home around 2:30. When I drove up only Alex's truck was here. I was sitting on the couch watching The Simpsons when the door unlocked and in walks Justin (his current flavor of the week). This didn't sit too well with me. First of all, it scared the shit out of me because the only 2 people who have keys were home: me and Alex. I looked at Justin and asked if Alex had given him his set of keys and he said that Alex GAVE him a house key. This irks me beyond belief. First of all, this guy has only been around for a couple of weeks and Alex is already giving him a key to the house?? So I told Justin that I would appreciate it if instead of just coming in when my car is here if he would knock or ring the doorbell. If Alex is the only one here then fine......let yourself in. I live here too and I don't appreciate it when people who's last name I don't even know just lets themselves in. He just gave me this odd look and went to the other side of the house.

Am I being too dramatic myself? Or am I in the right?


At 8:02 AM, Blogger KB said...

You definately are not over reacting. That is totally unsafe if your roomate starts passing out keys. I think you need to talk to Alex and tell him, politely that it makes you uncomfortable that he gave key to that guy, and ask him, kindly, not to hand out any keys to anyone because it makes you feel uncomfortable.


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